We are John and Margie Engel. John is the production person: doing the computer stuff, this web site, the printing, and the business part of EngelQuilts.com. Margie does all the rest. She is the quilter, designer, pattern-maker, creative idea person, teacher, lecturer, and innovator. Margie does all that is needed to create and then turn her original designs into finished quilts and patterns.

We live in Satellite Beach, Florida and are a happy retired couple, now working on producing and distributing Margie's creations. Besides quilting and computer activities, traveling is high on our list. If we don't answer your queries quickly, it's probably because we are somewhere on a ship or boat. We really do answer all our emails promptly when we are near our computer, but not when we are out of the country!

Kids have a high priority in our lives. We have two very dear daughters. Then are the three grandchildren, the most wonderful little people in the world. And, you better believe that ten-year-old Amanda is a quilter! She is very artistic and loves fabric as much as does her mom and grandma. There are other kids who shine in our world --hundreds of students in Brevard schools who, through EduQuilters, have made quilts either for themselves or to give away to other children. When you see a child leap for joy over the quilt he has made, you observe giant steps in self-esteem. It's like the charge card ad; some things are priceless.

People ask us when and why we began all this quilt "stuff." The first quilt rolled out about 1987. However it is the second quilt, completed in 1988 or so, which is the why. It is the Christmas quilt, "Rejoice," which entered Margie's head in 1985, a time too full of teen-agers to begin quilting. The why is the reason for everything we do -- we are Christians and we believe in Jesus. We hope and pray that everything we do in our quiltingworld honors Him.

This same "why" created EduQuilters, whose mission is to enhance children's self-esteem through quilt making. It's God's organization; so we take our fabrics where He sends us. Those schools and the students and teachers we have met have touched us more than ever imagined. We hope that we touch them and show God's message that each is special. We cannot SAY it quite that way inside the classroom, but through our actions, we convey that important message.


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